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Make THIS the year.

Losing 50 or more pounds isn’t easy. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes support.

Jan 19th, 2019
Your Amazing Digestive System

As you read this, as you sleep at night, as you work during the day, some part of your digestive system is working to nourish your body.

Aug 14th, 2018
Are You Feeling The Burn?

When you take antacids several times a week, your heartburn may be a symptom of a more severe problem like acid reflux or GERD.

Feb 21st, 2020
It’s Not You, It’s *This*.

Research suggests that, while willpower is vital to setting goals in the first place, habits and opportunity more accurately determine when you’ll reach a goal. When it comes to weight loss, Dr. Gaston is here with solutions to making habits stick and hel

Jan 15th, 2020
Is It Your Grandma's Fault?

Genetics can affect obesity, but there are solutions to override your family's history of being overweight.

Oct 31st, 2019
We've Done It Again!

Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants Earns Prestigious Joint Commission Accreditation for Third Consecutive Time

Aug 22nd, 2019
Stop! Don’t throw that on the grill!

For many of us, summertime means juicy burgers sizzling on the grill, thick steaks done to just-pink inside and sauce-slathered ribs. Unfortunately, eating all that red meat actually means you’ll be enjoying fewer summers in your lifetime.

Jun 19th, 2019
I Should Get A Massage Where?!

Dr. Gaston and Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants is here to explain why getting an abdominal massage - or giving yourself one - is a big benefit to your health.

Dec 6th, 2018
Why You Should Can It Yourself

The simple plain truth is that soft drinks, pop, soda, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, sweetened tea, sweetened water and other sweetened beverages are clearly and statistically shown to increase obesity and lead to a decline in overall health.

Oct 13th, 2017