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Make THIS the year.

How many times have you promised yourself this would be your time? That this moment would be the time your efforts stuck, that you succeeded, that you met your goal? It’s time to make this time thetime.

Losing 50 or more pounds isn’t easy. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes support. If you’ve tried before and just couldn’t do it, or you have lost weight before only to gain it all back, Dr. Gaston is here to help.

First, set very specific goals.
For success, everything in life needs a plan and weight loss is no different. Map out your goals, but not just the number of pounds you want to lose. Think about how your whole life will improve with significant and long-term weight loss. Create a target for your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Set an activity/fitness goal such as being able to walk 3 miles in under an hour. Brainstorm wardrobe options that will be available when you lose the weight. Think about all the doors that will open when you lose the weight.

Purge your pantry and refrigerator.
Get rid of everything processed - nearly everything in boxes, bags, bottles, and jars. Replace all this with natural, whole foods such as:

Talk to Dr. Gaston about weight loss procedures.
When you’re a chronically overweight or obese adult, discuss non-surgical weight loss procedures. There is no shame in this - decades of expanding portions, slyly added sugars, intense marketing of fast food and junk food, more sedentary careers and faulty nutritional information have made gaining weight so much easier for our generations - and losing weight so much more difficult. Weight loss surgery shouldn’t be seen as a “last resort” for those living a “600-lb Life”. Our procedures will help you - and your body - relearn proper portion sizes, understand healthy and delicious choices and make regular cardio and aerobic exercise an enjoyable part of your life.

Plan your meals, plan your groceries.
Include breakfast, lunch and two daily snacks when you meal plan, so all your bases are covered. Don’t veer from your list of groceries and keep away from the middle of the grocery store. Shop the rim for fresh and healthy choices. Keep your meal plan front and center all week so you don’t fall off the rails - stick to the plan.

Yes, eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and all your snacks!
A high protein, warm breakfast is the best way to begin each day. Your stomach is full of satisfying food that will keep you from eating mindlessly at 9 am. Make sure you have snacks and meals at regular times to avoid trips to the vending machine or coffee shops - keeping you on goal.

Act like a food blogger.
Take a photograph of everything you eat, all day long. Before bed, review your successful day. Committing to documenting every snack and meal will make you more thoughtful of how much and what you’re eating. Need support? Post these photos on social media (no cheating - post it all!) And you’ll see people telling you “way to go!” With nearly every bite.

Be ready for a plateau.
At a certain point, the scale may sabotage you by staying “stuck”. Often, this will happen when you’ve lost about 5-10% of your body weight. Because you’re making life changes, your body is making changes as well. Don’t obsess about the scale; start looking at other data. Is your blood pressure still improving? Has your blood sugar lowered? How is clothing fitting? Do you feel relief from heartburn or acid reflux? Are you walking easier and farther than you were before? Stick to the plan and the plateau will disappear.

Think of yourself as your best friend.
If your beloved friend was going through this journey and slipped up one day, what would you say? Be just as kind to yourself and give yourself the same kind of compliments and encouragement you’d give your buddy. Write yourself a note or send yourself an email. Realize when mistakes happen, they aren’t automatically failures, but learning opportunities.

Talk to Dr. Gaston about weight loss procedures.
We really can’t emphasize this enough. Most people who undergo a weight loss procedure only express regret that they didn’t do it sooner. Throw off the doubts and make a free consultation appointment by clicking here, or calling 773-238-1126.

Make this year your year. Make this the year you succeed!

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