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Weight Loss Success Stories


Mission Statement

Obesity is a disease. Your metabolic health is our business.

Dr. Darrien Gaston has dedicated his life to providing world-class weight loss services to his patients. Please call us today to schedule a consultation so we can create a customized healthy living plan for you.


Feria Goodwin, Dr. Gaston's patient, dropped 8 dress sizes, lost 68 pounds as of January 2019 and is one of the two 2018 Orbera challenge contest winners who won $10,000. She is the 3rd of Dr. Gaston's patients that has won a weight loss challenge. Click here to learn more about her weight loss journey.



Lotta lost 145 pounds with the assistance of Dr. Gaston's weight loss program. 


Dr. Gaston's patients have had extraordinary success losing 77+ pounds in as little as 10 months.


This man lost 35 pounds with Dr. Gaston's weight loss management assistance. 


This patient has one 1 month to go with Dr. Gaston's weight loss program but has lost 30 pounds and 2 dress sizes. 


This patient lost 55 pounds in six months with the Orbera non-surgical weight loss program with Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants. Her BMI went from 32 to 24.



This patient lost 111 pounds after 6 months, with Dr. Gaston's assistance. 



This patient lost 45 pounds in 6 months


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