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Obesity is a disease. Your metabolic health is our business.

Dr. Darrien Gaston has dedicated his life to providing world-class weight loss services to his patients. Please call us today to schedule a consultation so we can create a customized healthy living plan for you.



Lotta lost 145 pounds with the assistance of Dr. Gaston's weight loss program. 


Dr. Gaston's patients have had extraordinary success losing 77+ pounds in as little as 10 months.


This man lost 35 pounds with Dr. Gaston's weight loss management assistance. 


This patient has one 1 month to go with Dr. Gaston's weight loss program but has lost 30 pounds and 2 dress sizes. 


This patient lost 55 pounds in six months with the Orbera non-surgical weight loss program with Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants. Her BMI went from 32 to 24.



This patient lost 111 pounds after 6 months, with Dr. Gaston's assistance. 

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