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Aspire: Non-Surgical Weight Loss Specialist

Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants

Darrien Gaston, MD, FACP, FACG

Gastroenterologist located in Beverly, Chicago, IL

Weight loss can be extremely difficult for individuals struggling with obesity and weight gain. Dr. Darrien Gaston and the staff of Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants in the Beverly area of Chicago, Illinois offer the AspireAssist® procedure to patients who struggle with losing weight using traditional methods. AspireAssist is a minimally invasive procedure that provides an effective alternative when other weight loss methods have failed. Call or schedule an appointment online today to find out if AspireAssist is right for you.

Aspire: Non-Surgical Weight Loss Q & A


How does the AspireAssist procedure work?

The reversible, non-surgical AspireAssist procedure works by eliminating a portion of the stomach's contents and reducing up to 30% of the calories your body has access to after a meal. Unlike gastric bypass or the sleeve procedure where the stomach size is physically reduced, AspireAssist reduces the amount of food in your stomach.

A small tube is placed in your stomach during a short 15-minute outpatient procedure. The tube connects to a discreet port on the outside of your abdomen. After you finish a meal, you simply open the port and evacuate up to 30% of stomach's content into the toilet privately, so no one needs to know.

How long will the AspireAssist procedure take?

Many patients are able to return home within two hours after the procedure.

Is the AspireAssist procedure permanent?

Though AspireAssist is intended for long-term use, it can be removed at any time during a 10-minute same-day procedure.

Do I need to make any lifestyle changes?


This unique, physician-monitored approach allows you to reduce the number of calories you consume with each meal by up to 30%. The procedure can be reversed at any time and doesn't alter the shape of your stomach or change how your stomach functions. It does, however, give you the time necessary to initiate gradual lifestyle changes that will improve your health and help you to lose the weight you need, safely and efficiently.

Dr. Gaston at Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants will monitor your progress by allowing you to replace poor eating habits with a nutritionally-sound diet. Because the AspireAssist device requires patients to chew food very well, many individuals are likely to find that they eat more slowly and feel full sooner--good practices to take toward maintaining weight loss in the long term.

With the simple and discreet AspireAssist device, individual progress will depend on the effort put into a patient’s individualized weight loss plan. Many who followed Dr. Gaston's instructions and made the necessary lifestyle changes have been able to lose over 100 or more pounds during the first year of using the device.


Patient Success Story: Amber

Please click here to learn more about a Missouri father-of-two who has lost 160+ pounds using the Aspire Weight Loss system. 
Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants is happy to announce that when you use this program, you will automatically receive the benefits of our Virtual Health Partners program to lose the weight and to keep it off. Click here to learn more.