Lose 40 lbs and gain $1,500!

Cancer. Diabetes. Stroke. Heart disease. Chronic back pain. Knee and joint pain. High blood pressure. 

The list of health complications caused by obesity - ruining your mobility, your lifestyle and your life expectancy - goes on and on. 

Dr. Darrien Gaston of Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants is committed to fighting the obesity crisis however he can. 

With that goal, he is introducing the Obalon System. The best part? Using the Obalon System can actually pay you $1,500 when you lose more than 40 lbs. 

The Obalon 3-Balloon System is an FDA-approved, non-surgical, fully reversible procedure that requires no anesthesia during placement.

You’ll swallow a capsule attached to a thin tube. After the capsule settles in your stomach, Dr. Gaston will inflate it. The inflated balloon is about the size of a small orange and weighs less than a penny, filling the space in your stomach without weighing you down. Within 2-3 months, a second and third balloon can be added. Patients who included three balloons in their weight loss plan lost more than four times the weight as those with two balloons. 

The balloons remain in place for a maximum of six months, while your body and your mind adjust to smaller portions and better exercise. Your progress will be monitored monthly by Dr. Gaston, with guidance about nutrition and exercise programs, so you’ll get all the help you need to make a permanent change to your health. At the end of six months, the balloons will be deflated and removed endoscopically. Dr. Gaston is the only gastroenterologist in Chicagoland offering the Obalon procedure, so Metro GI is the only Chicago area practice that can follow your progress from placement through weight loss to removal. 

If your BMI is 30 to 40, you’re over 22 years of age, and meet a few other health criteria, you’re the perfect candidate for Obalon. Most patients resume normal activities almost immediately after balloon placement, and continue normal activities throughout the 6 month placement period. 

The best part? Obalon is offering a “Don’t Weight” New Year Challenge. If you decide, after your free consultation, to use the Obalon Balloon System, you’ll get a $500 rebate on the procedure immediately. When you lose 25 pounds or more, you’ll get another $500 rebate. When you lose 40 pounds or more, yep, you guessed it!, you’ll get another $500 rebate. 

You could lose over 40 pounds and gain $1,500! 

At your free consultation, Dr. Gaston will perform a physical exam, ask about your weight loss history and determine if you will have success with the Obalon 3-Balloon Weight Loss System. You can also discuss using your Health Savings Account or financing options to make long-term healthy weight loss possible for you. 

This offer expires on December 31, 2017, so schedule your free consultation appointment today to get your Obalon system in place immediately. 

“Don’t Weight”! Click here or call 773-238-1126 to get started with the Obalon System. 

Metro Gastroenterology Consultants

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