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It’s Not You, It’s *This*.

You’ve started the new year with resolutions and goals - stop smoking, exercise more, lose weight. You’ve announced it on social media to help you stick to your commitment. You’ve told your family not to tempt you with ice cream in the evening.


You still wonder if your willpower will last for the long term. But is it your willpower, your strength of conviction, your determination, that will get you to your goal?


Research suggests that, while willpower is vital to setting goals in the first place, habits and opportunity more accurately determine when you’ll reach a goal.


When it comes to weight loss, Dr. Gaston is here with solutions to making habits stick and helping you avoid negative opportunities.


The biggest obstacle to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is oversized food portions. Throughout the years, American portions have gotten larger and larger, and our perception of a “normal” portion has become seriously skewed.


Dr. Gaston’s non-surgical, non-invasive weight loss tool Orbera helps your body and your mind relearn proper portion sizes. This FDA-approved balloon is inserted through your mouth into your stomach, occupying space so normal sized portions are more satisfying from day one.


This is where habit setting comes in. Habits, according to researchers, are mental associations. When an action is repeated over and over again - eating properly sized portions - and that action give you a reward - weight loss which makes you feel better and look better - your mind and body gradually learns to repeat that positive behavior until it becomes automatic.


That means when your body and mind learn proper portion size during your six months of Orbera, you’ll subconsciously, automatically choose smaller portions when the device is removed - so you’ll keep the weight off.


The second obstacle to forming good habits is opportunity. When you get a balloon placed, Dr. Gaston will coach you to avoid opportunities that can trip you up. That means purging your cabinets and refrigerator of high calorie, low nutrition foods, learning to recognize and avoid restaurants meals that won’t satisfy your body’s nutritional needs and more.


This also means creating good opportunities for yourself. It means spending a little extra on groceries for a month or two as you purchase pre-cut, ready to eat vegetables. When you open the fridge door, your healthy snack opportunity is right there for you. Soon, cutting up those vegetables and fruits won’t be a chore because you’ll enjoy eating them so much.


Are you ready to ditch the idea that somehow your willpower is failing you, that you are too weak to succeed - and embrace the fact that healthy habit setting is really the key to living your life at a healthy weight? Dr. Gaston is here to help you learn and maintain healthy eating habits for the rest of your life!


Call us at (773) 238-1126 or click here for your FREE consultation. Dr. Gaston will complete a thorough physical examination, review your medical history and make a recommendation for you. We want to see you lose weight, reduce your risk of cancer and Type II diabetes, lower your blood pressure and improve your health!


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