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Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation


Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants and Darrien Gaston, M.D., are pleased to announce that the practice has met all Better Business Bureau standards and is now an Accredited Business. 

Becoming an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau is an honor because businesses must meet demanding eligibility standards. “Accreditation in the BBB is by invitation only,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “Only those businesses that meet our high standards and pass the review process are approved by our Board of Directors.”

Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants has committed to the BBB Code of Business Practices. The Code is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices on how businesses treat consumers. These standards call for building trust, embodying integrity, advertising honestly and being truthful. Bernas adds, “To maintain their Accreditation a business must be transparent, honor their promises, be responsive to their customers, and safeguard their privacy.”

Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants is located in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. Dr. Gaston is a life-long resident of Beverly and is dedicated to improving the health of Chicagoland residents. Dr. Gaston is board-certified and fellowship trained, providing the highest quality of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures and medical care to prevent, diagnose and treat colon cancer, remove hemorrhoids non-surgically, ease the pain of irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, and improve the health of patients’ digestive systems. 

Because of Dr. Gaston’s deep commitment to fighting the obesity crisis and the severe health problems obesity creates, he is the only gastroenterologist in the Chicago area that offers non-surgical weight loss procedures including Orbera, Obalon and AspireAssist. These tools have helped his patients achieve significant and long-term weight loss. By helping these patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight, Dr. Gaston has lowered their risk of cancer, helped improve or reverse Type II diabetes and has vastly bettered their quality of life. 

Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants has also been recognized for its impeccable care and safety standards by the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and has received the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission. Dr. Gaston is a Global Directory of Who’s Who Top Doctor and a member of the Obesity Medicine Association. 

“We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business,” said Dr. Gaston. “In today’s ever-changing health care environment, it is vital that our patients know how seriously we take our commitment to excellence and good customer service. Achieving BBB Accreditation exemplifies that goal.”

Metro Gastroenterology Consultants

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