It’s Not Too Late For Resolutions

We’re two weeks into January and, if you’re like many people, your new year resolutions are already fizzling out - or have been doused completely. 

Dr. Gaston is here to tell you - it’s not too late! Making resolutions can happen any time, and you can renew your resolutions at any moment too. Yes, even in the middle of January. Keeping resolutions is more difficult than making them, because affecting change in our lives for the long term is difficult; we are used to thinking and doing as we have always done.

There are ways to achieve real change, says Dr. Gaston, especially with the most popular and challenging resolution of all - losing weight for the long term. 

First, ask for help from your doctor. Lasting weight loss isn’t an easy path and attempting it without a health care professional by your side can mean disaster. Make an appointment with Dr. Gaston to discuss your overall health and whether you have any conditions that may be making weight loss even more difficult. 

Second, consider your options. If you’ve suffered a weight setback through pregnancy, illness or forced inactivity, jumpstarting weight loss can get you back to where you feel comfortable. If you are a serial dieter and nothing has ever “stuck”, it’s time to think of new approaches for long term success.

Dr. Gaston has a wide range of weight loss tools available, and a free consultation appointment can help you understand which could be right for you. Dr. Gaston is the leading gastroenterologist in Chicagoland in Orbera SlimSmart balloon placements and has seen patients lose over 80 lbs in six month. He is now offering Obalon, a multiple balloon procedure which slowly eases patients into weight loss. Both of these procedures are non-surgical, with no incisions, no stitches and no staples. 

Even better, now through March 30, Obalon is offering a rebate of up to $1,500 during your weight loss journey! 

If you’ve had a Lapband procedure in the past and have not been successful, the new Aspire procedure can help. This minimally invasive surgical procedure can reduce your calorie intake while maintaining proper levels of nutrition. 

Third, look to the future. Understand that a weight loss goal isn’t really a destination; a healthier you is a life long journey. Dr. Gaston can put the tools in place that will help you feel fuller immediately as you learn proper portion size. It’s easier when you’re not hungry all the time! You’ll gain better fitness and activity habits, understand nutrition more thoroughly and be able to see yourself as healthier for the long term. 

It’s okay that it’s not January 1st. You can still change your health for the better, lowering your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and more!

Ask about the Obalon $1,500 rebate. Discover Orbera SlimSmart and learn more about Aspire. Call Dr. Gaston at (773) 238-1126 or click "Request Appointment" above today to make an appointment for your free weight loss consultation.

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